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Product image size DPI?

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What is the optimal image size and DPI for main and optional product images in my store?
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The optimal image size for your store will vary with each template and the shopping experience you want to deliver to your customers.

As a rule of thumb - you should always try to use images of the same size, for main product image and for optional product images, too. This will assure the smoothest transition effects and will result in consistency of appearance of products in your store, creating a perception of being well-organized and maintained.


Each eez.io store template has three set image sizes: category page image, main product image and optional product image. You can appload an image of any size, and the system will scale it to fill in the given area: category page image and optional product image will scale to fit the hight of the image area and will crop the width, main product image on a product page will scale image to fit the width of the image area and will adjust the height proportionally. 

When your store visitors click on a main product image - the image opens in a light box and is shown in the full size or is scaled to fit the screen. You can see how this works by logging out of your store admin account and clicking any product page image.

We recommend using images with 72 DPI resolution, as it will assure the image loading speed without visibly compromising the quality.

You can change the preset images area sizes by navigating to the store Settings panel - > selecting the Design tab -> and clicking on the Custom CSS link. You will see the Product  Image Size table with editable fields, and this is where you can adjust your template grid.




Anne - eez.io support

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