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Advanced shipping options for my store

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I am planning to sell paintings and furniture, (I am an artist and my husband makes furniture), so shipping setup for our products will be very different from product to product. I am wondering how flexible shipping options are in eezio and how does auto-calculated option work.
asked in Pre-Sale by Rose

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Rose product shipping can be set on "per product" bases and can be set to either auto calculate or flat rate.
Mixing of both is also possible, so one product can be set to flat rate and another to auto calculate.
Auto calculate works by getting shipping prices directly from shipping carriers, currently we support USPS, UPS and FedEx. You can set product dimensions and weight for each product (and each product option) separately.
Beyond that eezio comes with a pretty flexible shipping rules that you can apply to alter shipping costs on "per order" level.
You can setup shipping rules based on order total cost, order item count, order total weight or destination zip code. Using shipping rules, you can charge a pre-set amount, add or subtract from the existing order shipping cost.
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Steve - eez.io support
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Just wanted to add that you can also take a look at Product Shipping video tutorial posted at http://eez.io/portal/tutorials to see how it all works and looks - the video covers stock / inventory and per product shipping setup.


Anne - eez.io support

answered by support (3,846 points)
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