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Importing products and settings from osCommerce?

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Hello, I have around 200 or so products at my current shop, which is built using osCommerce, and I am thinking of switching to eez.io and want to import existing products and settings.
Please advice on the steps to achieve that.
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Product import and settings import from a third party e-commerce system is not something we recommend, as similar settings on different systems may behave differently.
For example tax rules and shipping settings may have similar names but a completely different functionality, - importing values in to ambiguous store and product settings/names will lead to unexpected and unpredictable results.
In short, we recommend setting up your store manually instead.
That said, if you still want to import your products in mass, our tech department will help you with this, just have your data ready and send us your request and we will take it from there.
Steve - eez.io support
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