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Multi-store administration - how does it work and what is the setup?

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Hello, I have a client that needs to have 2 completly different stores for 2 different brands of his, your front page says one can have "unlimited stores" - I am wondering if Multi-store (cross-store) administration is possible, how exactly does it work and what would be the pricing for this kind of setup.



asked in Pre-Sale by Jimmy

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Jimmy, eez.io supports two methods of multi store, cross-store management: via store owner account and via store admin(s) account(s).
Both work exactly the same with the exception of permissions for store admins - store owner can assign specific permissions to admins to manage certain parts of the store only.
Setup is pretty simple and strait forward: to have two stores linked to the same store owner account, open both stores using the same email + password combination (store names obviously have to be different)
NOTE: if you already have 2 or more stores opened and want to link them to the same store owner account, just email us and we will do it for you.
When you have 2 or more stores linked to the same store owner account, you will have a drop down (at the top of your screen) to switch between your stores to manage each individual store.
As far as store admins go, you can add the same admin (by inputing the same email address) to any amount of stores that you own and the admin will be able to switch between stores the same way (from the top of the screen) to manage each particular one.
Logging in to linked stores:
Logging in to any one of the linked stores will log you to all of the stores that you own/administer so essentially, you login to all of your stores from any one of the stores that you own/administer.
There is no additional cost for multi-store setup, we charge for each "store name", so if you have two stores at eez.io you will be billed for two stores regardless of them being linked or not.
Steve - eez.io support
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