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What is the best name for online store?

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I want to start an online business that will sell hand-crafted home accessories. What kind of a name should I choose for my online store and does it really matter?
asked in Pre-Sale by A.F. Eckard

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Your online store name certainly is very important for the success of your business. The type of name you should choose for your online store should be appropriate for your business.

There are different approaches in finding the suitable name for your business, but whatever approach you will choose, your business name should reflect your brand identity and communicate its values.

Should you use your name as your business name? This could be a right choice for the artisans who are solely responsible for design of products they sell. There are plenty of brands, especially in the fashion world, built around the designer’s identity, like Coco Channel, Kate Spade and Kenneth Cole.

Do you collaborate with others to create the products you plan to sell? Probably spelling out the names of all collaborators is not such a good idea for the online store, as you want to keep your online business domain sweet, short and memorable. You may consider using first letters of the partners’ names and see if you can arrange them into an elegant combination, or a memorable word, like KLM that stands for Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij N.V.(Royal Dutch Airlines).

If the acronym approach does not work – you can look for a unifying name, that will describe what is it you do / make “Clay Collective”, or make a statement open to interpretation as to its seriousness, like “Rich Brilliant Willing” for a group of lighting designers and makers, or be as direct as “Sur La Table” .

A very different approach is to invent a word to use as a name for your business. For example our ecommerce platform name is an invented word – “eezio” that while not to be found in any dictionary communicates the core principle the platform is built around – ease and simplicity of use.

Whatever name you choose for your online business – make sure it does not violate trade name laws, infringe copyrights, is memorable, short and has a domain name available for registration.

Anne - eez.io support
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