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How to insert a specific product into a webpage?

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I publish a successful products review blog that generates considerable traffic.

Does eez.io provide a widget that I will be able to insert to a blog article to let my site visitors buy a specific product without navigating away from the page?
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eez.io does not provide a product widgets that you can insert into your blog posts.

Instead eez.io provides a versatile Cart IO tool that enables store owners to convert any element of the webpage into a purchasable object.  This gives you freedom of arranging your page or keeping the existing page design just the way you want it to be.

Cart IO generates a special URL for each product and product option, special link in HTML or JavaScript format and the customizable “Buy Now” button that works with the PayPal and credit cards.

The advantage of using Cart IO instead of a rigid product widget is that that you can use any or all methods of sale named above to sell your store products in the most appropriate for your website fashion, for example using JavaScript link with the anchor text that brings your website traffic, linking your image to the special URL and inserting the button that can be easily adjusted to work with each page design.

Anne - eez.io support

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