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VIP Sale for existing customers – how to get email list?

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I want to send an email blast to my existing customers offering a loyalty discount. I already created VIP sale in my store, but cannot figure out how to get the list of emails.

Is there any other way of getting email list, other than manually copying shoppers’ information from the orders screen?

asked by Roxy

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you don't need to manually copy and paste your shoppers' information to compose a comprehensive email list for your blast.

Instead, you can login to your store, navigate to the Orders panel, select ALL ORDERS from the drop down menu and click on Customers List link at the top right corner of the Orders panel.

Clicking on Customers List will automatically compile all your shoppers’ information into one file that will be downloaded to your computer in a comma separated .csv file format. You can open this file with Microsoft Excel, Numbers and even QuickBooks.

After the file is downloaded to your computer, you can edit, save and export it to any third-party application you use for your email campaign.

Please let me know if you have any other questions


Anne – eez.io support

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