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What is Products RSS link in my store footer?

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There is a “Products RSS” link in the footer of my store. I see it when I am logged in as a store admin and when I am logged out, too. When I click on this link it shows some strange text or code (broken page?). I want to turn it off, but I am not sure what it does and whether I can break something by turning Product RSS off. Please advise.
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1 Answer

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RSS means “Really Simple Syndication” and Product RSS feed shows all your store products in “latest added – first” sequence and can be used by your store shoppers and visitors to receive updates from your store about the new products as soon as they are added.

 To see human – readable Product RSS feed, you will need to use RSS reader. There are plenty of free and really cool RSS Readers available, like Feedly or NewsBlur.

Turning the Product RSS link off will not harm your store in any way.

Anne - eez.io support
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