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Promoting my store on Twitter – any suggestions?

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My apologies for a silly question, I am new to ecommerce and only recently opened my online store.

I always see articles about how social networks are great tools to promote online business, so I thought it might worth asking a question. What do I need to do to promote my store on Twitter? This is the only network I really use and have about 400 followers, mostly my friends and other jewelry makers.
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Lisa, 400 Twitter followers is a good place to start with.

As with all social networks, your approach to Twitter should be “80% conversation – 20% promotion”. 

You should start expanding your Twitter network by following and participating in conversations closely related to your store niche – jewelry.

Follow people who often mention hand-made, indie and vintage designs in their tweets and have about 1-to-1 followers to following ratio. Followers to following ratio will give you an idea of probability that person will follow you back. The goal is to increase your exposure by obtaining more followers, retweets of your posts and mentions.

Using hashtags (# symbol) related to your store niche is also a very good method of getting your tweets noticed. Think of keywords that people who might be potentially interested in your jewelry will search: #jewelry #handmade #CustomJewelry #OriginalJewelry #DesignerJewelry and so on.

Another way to promote your store is to use Twitter button on your product pages. Clicking this button will create a link to you product page and you will be able to easily tweet it to all your followers.

You can also use Cart IO button and to generate a special link that will allow your Twitter followers to purchase your product right from your Twitter feed.

Setting up a special Twitter sale available only to your followers is also a very efficient way to promote your store. To setup a special Twitter sale, in your store go to Settings link and click on Sales tab. In Sales tab select VIP Sales and add new sale. After the sale is added and arranged as desired, copy the special Invitation Link and paste it on Twitter with a short invitation message. The discounted prices will only be shown to your Twitter followers who clicked on a special link.

Good luck!


Anne - eez.io support

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