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Selling from email – Timed Sales vs VIP Sales?

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Hello, I am planning to start selling from emails, I want to run email campaigns targeting club party invitees.
What is the advantage of VIP Sales versus Timed Sales?
asked by Jill

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If you are planning to sell from emails by running email campaigns targeting specific group of people that are invited for a particular event, then I don't think Timed Sales is the right approach. I would advice to go with VIP Sales instead.
Generally speaking, Timed Sales are sales that are running in your store at a certain time period and are available to all of your shoppers during selected start and end dates of the sale. Additionally you can have only one Timed Sale running at one time period. Generally Timed sales are meant for holiday sales and events that are meant to be accessible to all store visitors during the period of the holiday or the specific event.
VIP Sales can target many different groups at the same time period, VIP Sales can also display different prices to different groups during the same time period. VIP Sales can also be limited to a specific time frame only targeting an event like a party or a holiday, but VIP Sales will only be available to those who are invited to the sale, while your regular store customers can enjoy the regular store prices.
In regards to your email campaigns, I would advice to go with VIP Sales, because you are targeting specific party invitees.
Steve - eez.io support
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