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How to promote my online store

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I am new to ecommerce and don't have much experience in selling online, but from what I read the success of an online store depends on number of the store visitors.

How many visitors does eezio have and how do you promote the stores?
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eez.io provides you with a personal online store that is not connected in any way to any other stores of our subscribers. This means that the traffic to eez.io website or to any other online stores hosted on our platform will not affect your store performance.

With eez.io you get a wide array of tools that you can use to promote your store and individual products: integrations with multiple publishing platforms and social networks, ability to have your store at any number of websites, Cart IO direct sale tools, social sharing tools and many others.

You are welcome to start a discussion dedicated to increasing traffic to you store here, too. We will be glad to address any specific questions you might have and to share our knowledge.

In addition, we regularly publish educational articles on our ecommerce blog - http://b.eez.io/ where we discuss different approaches, strategies and techniques to promote your online business.

These articles from our blog are a good starting point for new online store owners:





Anne - eez.io support 

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