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Refunding PayPal orders

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How long does it take for a refund to be deposited back to the shopper's bank account?

My customer did not receive the refund I had issued 5 days ago. I checked my PayPal balance and did not see any indications that money where returned to the shopper either.
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1 Answer

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If the payment method for the order was PayPal - you will need to transfer the money for the order back to your shopper from your PayPal account, as well as from your store.

In your store, after you change the order status to "Refunded", eez.io sends you either a confirmation email, if funds where successful transferred to your customer, or follow up instructions.

In case of the PayPal orders, the refund will not take place until you will login to your PayPal account and issue it directly from there.

Unlike PayPal payments, credit card payments are refunded directly from your store and usually do not require any follow up actions.


Anne - eez.io support

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