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Store owner password reset?

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Hello, I can not login to my store and I can not seem to figure out how to reset my own password?
I don't see any info about it on eez.io
Please help.
asked in Store Setup by Jim

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Jim, it works exactly the same way as it works for your customers.
To reset your admin (store owner) account password, please navigate to your store, than click the "LOGIN" link at the top right corner of your store, and than click "forgot password" link (bottom part of the login popup window).
The login popup window will change to "Reset Password" window where you will be able to enter your admin email and click "RESET" button.
After you have done the above, check your email and click confirmation link that your store will send you.
Following the link from your email, you will be able to reset your password to a new one.
Steve - eez.io support
answered by support (3,846 points)
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