Twitter is a social network platform where users communicate via short messages "tweets" that can be sent instantly to everyone that is following or connected. This in itself creates a unique network where people receive relevant information from others and can act upon it. And of course the greatness of Twitter comes from the fact that practically everyone is on Twitter, and this presents an enormous pool of users you can sell to.
sell from Twitter - Cart IO
Selling from Twitter used to be problematic, since Twitter allows only text and URL in the content of a tweet. However, has solved this problem by giving you exactly what is needed to sell from Twitter - Cart IO URL.

With Cart IO URL you can easily sell from Twitter by copying the URL and pasting it in your tweet. Yes - it is that easy!

Cart IO is a unique mechanism that generates special URLs that you can use to sell from any Twitter post, and that can be re-tweeted and shared as a standard Twitter message.
Every store and every product comes with the Cart IO mechanism. It is the IO button you see on product pages of your store.
how to sell from Twitter - guide
Lets walk through the process and create a Twitter post from which we can sell a product.

1 - login to your store and navigate to the product you want to sell.

2 - if you have any product options like size and color, select them, if not - skip this step.

3 - Locate Cart IO button - (it is the last button in the social network buttons row)

4 - click Cart IO button, new window appears with Cart IO URL selected - (this is the URL you need to sell from Twitter), copy this url by pressing Control + C on PC and Command + C on Mac keyboard.

5 - go to Twitter, and compose new tweet, by pasting Cart IO URL (Control + V on PC and Command + V on Mac keyboard). You can add any text before of after Cart IO URL as needed.

6 - Click Tweet button to submit your tweet.

Thats it - you are selling from Twitter and others can purchase your product by simply clicking the URL in your tweet!
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