enables you to have a store, so you can start selling online. But unlike most other companies we don't limit your online commercial activity to your store only, we also give you ability to sell from practically any online content outside of your store, for example you can sell directly from the content of your website, social network or blog. unique Cart IO mechanism goes even further by giving you ways to sell offline too! You can sell from the content of download-ables like PDF, Word and Excel. You can also sell directly from the content of an email or SMS message.
And since your store management is super easy and extremely efficient, you can create your store, add your products and start selling online and offline in a matter of minutes!
3 steps to start selling online
Create your store by inputing desired store name email and password. Your store is ready! We don't impose any limitations and we don't even ask you to activate your account - your store is ready to sell online and you have 14 days to try everything out absolutely free!
upload products
With our super easy, drag and drop, Edit Right On Spot interface you will have your products ready to sell online in no time. The whole process is so efficient, intuitive and fun, we believe you will enjoy every moment!
sell anywhere online
Once you have your products setup, your store is ready to sell. And we don't stop there, - every product in your store comes with Cart IO, our unique mechanism that enables you to sell practically anywhere online, and in many cases, offline too!
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