single plan - $19.95 / month
one plan, all features, no limits - 14 day free trial
$19.95 promotional price will remain unchanged for all stores opened during beta period - (look for beta mark on logo)
unlimited plan pricing model is really simple:

One plan, all features, no limits - $19.95 a month.

What you get is a comprehensive multichannel, multi-admin, easy to use store software with unlimited flexibility, real time auto-calculated shipping, ready to accept payments from PayPal and Credit Cards and thousands of shoppers.

We also give you 14 days to try it - absolutely free.
unlimited flexibility
Unmatched efficiency, flexibility, and ways to sell utilizing timed discount and sales engine and social networks integrations.

Sell from all of your websites not just one. enables you to run your store at any number of websites while reaching all of your customers!

Unique ability to activate / disable any of the platform features with a click of a button - you get unmatched flexibility and can try what works best for your store and your business.
unlimited hosting
At we provide your store with unlimited hosting and we do not collect any transaction fees from your sales.

However, to ensure speed & performance for stores that generate serious load impact on our servers and convert this heavy traffic into actual sales, we apply a small additional fee to cover high bandwidth usage:

0 - 100 sales per month $0/mo
101 - 300 sales per month $30/mo
301 - 900 sales per month $60/mo
901 or more sales a month $90/mo
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