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more customers result in more sales
It's that easy! allows you to have your store published at multiple places at the same time. Your products get more exposer and you get more sales.
cover more perspectives - generate more sales sales engine can display different prices to different customers, customer groups or distribution channels simultaneously, so you can create and run specialty sales without effecting your regular store prices.
VIP sales
display different prices
to different customer groups
want more? Just like timed sales, all discount codes, invitation only and VIP sales can be scheduled to run for a specific time period, and you can create event sales, introductory and party sales well in advance.
10% OFF
25% OFF
50% OFF
reach beyond your store - sell from anywhere online
with you are not limited to selling from your store only, - you can sell from practically anywhere on-line and we even give you ways to sell off-line too! unique Cart IO mechanism enables you to sell right from the content of a web page or blog or social network post that is not connected to your store in any way! - Just add one link and you are ready to sell - its that easy!
so powerful - yet so simple comes with complete feature set, templates, built-in add-ons and integrations that are free and ready to use out of the box.
Each feature and add-on can be turned ON or OFF in a split second. This way you can try what works best for your business and easily optimize your store for maximum conversions.
And since all add-ons and integrations were developed ground up by the same engineers who developed, they look, work and feel awesome.

Unlimited number of stores
With you can run your store from unlimited number of online locations, websites and blogs all at the same time - you gain more customers by selling from more outlets.
Unlimited number of products
We want your business to grow with us. Whether you sell 5 products or a 1000, we are here to ensure the same great speed and performance at no additional cost.
Unlimited number of images
A picture is worth a thousand words. Your products are great, and you need to show them to your shoppers - upload as many images for your products as you want.
Powerful Sales Engine
With one of the most powerful sales engines in the industry, brings unmatched flexibility to sell utilizing discount codes, timed sales, VIP and invitation-only sales and can even display different prices to different potential customers at the same time.
Customizable store design
Our design tools provide you with an easy and fun way to change the look of your store. Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and take it to the next level? We give you full control over design with custom HTML CSS & JavaScript.
Built-in social marketing
Share, like, pin, tweet, and blog about your product right from your product pages. Your shoppers can do the same.
Auto-calculated shipping
We want you to take the guesswork out of your online business. USPS, UPS and Fedex real time auto-calculated shipping is built-in & ready.
Secure payment processing
Accept transfers and credit card payments with our standard PayPal method or accept credit cards right in your store via credit card payment gateway.
One page checkout
Don't loose any sales with abandoned shopping carts. We eliminated aban-doned shopping cart occurrences with a unique streamlined checkout process.
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